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Corazón y Vida Association

The Corazón y Vida Association of the Canary Islands is a non-profit association that brings together parents, relatives and friends of patients with congenital heart disease and other pathologies.

One of the main objectives of Corazón y Vida is to help pediatric cardiology services in the specialist hospitals, in the Canary Islands, to have sufficient human, technical and material resources so that they can properly develop their work.

If they have the appropriate means, they can collaborate in the investigation and study of heart disease, know its causes and and they can train in prevention and treatment, both in childhood, youth and in adulthood.

Another objective of the association is to ensure that children and young people with congenital heart disease have the support of qualified personnel (physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists, pedagogues, etc.) necessary to achieve the highest quality of life.

Also, and no less important, is to help affected families in all that is necessary and, above all, in cases where it is essential to travel outside their habitual residence. They will be provided with a flat of residence in Madrid or Santa Cruz de Tenerife, so that patients receive their medical treatment in the nearest hospital.