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  • The Jardines de Nivaria Hotel grants guests the free use of one parking space per room, as long as this has been requested at the hotel reception.
  • Guests are advised that if using the corresponding parking space, which is an unguarded parking lot, the hotel is not responsible for any damages or losses that may occur in the aforementioned parking area, including any belongings inside the vehicle.
  • In granting free use of the parking space, the client agrees to make proper use of the said space in a manner that will not impede access to other guests or cause damage to other vehicles.
  • The hotel will not be responsible for the improper use of the parking area by its guests.  Should any conflict arise due to misuse of the parking area the dispute should be resolved directly between the persons involved in the corresponding loss or damage, exempting the hotel from any responsibility whatsoever in relation to the said conflict.